Sacred Rok Campaign 2017 

Transforming Lives

Sacred Rok has led trips to Yosemite for more than 400 young people – incarcerated, foster children, low income –  to experience the healing ceremony of nature.

Sacred Rok transforms the lives of young people who feel that society is closing in on them.  The goal of Sacred Rok is to help youth, including incarcerated youth, to heal by learning to respect nature and through that to respect themselves.  It is also about helping them become part of a caring and nurturing community that loves and trusts them.

Building a community and breaking the cycle of violence and trauma takes time and commitment. This trust cannot be built overnight or during a single day trip to Yosemite Valley.  We want to build long-term relationships with the youth and with mentors acting as facilitators of the ceremony of nature.

I don’t know where I would be without Sacred Rok.  ” Juvenile Hall youth

Invest in Our Shared Future

You can give young people hope – help them know they are loved and trusted:

By donating a vehicle. 

One of the barriers to our kids returning to visit after graduating from juvenile hall or the foster care system is the lack of transportation to Yosemite.  We need a vehicle that will allow us to take kids to Yosemite from Merced and other cities where we are involved.

By contributing to the rental of a Sacred Rok Home.  

Imagine a home in the  Yosemite area where the doors are always open, and these young people can feel safe and find their voice.  Knowing that they are loved and trusted is critical to young people’s growth and development. ($10,000 annually is needed.)

By helping equip the house. 

This includes furniture, books, music, and art to nurture creative expression.  ($4,000 in one-time funding would fully equip the house.)

By supporting a mentor for the youth.

Imagine feeling all alone in the world, and someone believes in you.  The Sacred Rok model is all about building relationships.  The mentor will support Ron Kauk, help with transportation, and build a connection with the kids.  We also need funding for operations.  (Ongoing cost for staff and operations is $86,000 a year.)

Provide an Alternative

Did you know that it costs more than $90,000 a year to keep a youth locked up?  Sacred Rok is offering not just an alternative to this punitive incarceration model, but an introduction to an education centered on nurturing and healing, nature’s way.

Sacred Rok transforms lives, one person at a time.  Please join us.  Donate at

or contact us at

Please check our 2016 Annual Report.

and click here for the 2017 Campaign pdf.

– Ron Kauk, Executive Director


Thank you to Lisa Carroll

Go Lisa! Lisa Carroll just successfully ran the Old Ghost Road 85k Ultra on February 25, through the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island.  Lisa used her months-long training and preparation for this marathon as an opportunity to fundraise for Sacred Rok. Thanks so much to Lisa and her 38 friends and family members who together donated more than $3,900 to Sacred Rok.

Thank you from Probation

Here are some thank you letters that show the respect and appreciation that we all feel from your generous donations. – Ron Kauk

“I would like to thank all the people who donated money to the BCA Mission I’mpossible Club.  If it were not for your support, we wouldn’t be able to go on any Sacred Rok trips and have the experiences that we have.  For that I thank you all once again.  Your donations are well appreciated.  Have a wonderful day.”

probation van

“Thank you for our support and for helping to provide our healthy organic foods for our meetings and all our awesome nature experiences in Yosemite National Park. We all appreciate your donating and helping us with our good friend Ron, and hope you rock that good-looking hat.”

probation signs

“I really appreciate your extremely generous donation. The food Ron brings with your donation provides a delicious meal that everyone in the cub enjoys. We don’t really get a lot of meals like the ones Ron provides, but when we do we cherish every moment of it. It also gives us an opportunity to sit down and eat with our classroom teacher Mr. McKee, the man who makes this day possible. Your donation is extremely respected and appreciated by each and every member.”

Hats – To support a lunch meeting at Juvenile Hall

After leading incarcerated kids on a trip to Yosemite, twice a month Ron Kauk goes to juvenile hall in Merced and brings a healthy organic lunch. Each lunch for 10-12 kids costs a bit more than $100. The lunch meetings have been a great source of creativity to interpret our experiences in Yosemite while looking at the pictures we have taken and sharing healthy food. It creates an atmosphere that strengthens our connection as a family, which is what it’s all about.

Support a lunch meeting at Juvenile Hall – donate $100, and we’ll send you a hat.  We just made 50 Sacred Rok/Patagonia custom embroidered truckers hats with the Sacred Rok logo. Your support shows that you are in solidarity with the Sacred Rok effort to bring incarcerated youth to Yosemite.

Click on donate to donate via PayPal – make sure to ask for a hat in the note -or you can mail a check to Sacred Rok at PO Box 148, Yosemite, CA 95389

And if you are willing, please consider sending a picture of yourself wearing the hat – we’d love to post it on Facebook.


Education Nature’s Way

Sitting by a river, hiking, camping, learning to climb a rock.   Many young people do not have the opportunity to experience nature during their everyday lives.   We are concerned that so many youth have lost touch with nature. Experience with nature serves as a source of energy for youth to discover their potential, to explore themselves, to develop relationships with caring adults, and to learn to mentor other youth. The potential of so many young people is lost because our social institutions are not responsive to these instinctive needs. We emphasize the basics by bringing attention and conscious awareness to water, food and other essential needs thus helping them to develop an appreciation for our basic needs as humans and put more value and reality into that.

Sacred Rok provides the chance for small groups of young people between the ages of 14 and 21 to get to know the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park.

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