Climbing Accomplishments

Ron’s climbing accomplishments are many, but they all involve expanding the horizons of climbing.  Among the more iconic achievements is a boulder problem right in the middle of Camp 4 known as Midnight Lightning.  Another well-known climb is Astroman which is on the eastern face of Washington’s Column below North Dome.  Yet another, Magic Line, is a very thin crack that is on the right side of Vernal Falls which Ron considers one of his “lifetime accomplishment” climbs because of its difficulty.  These climbs, and many more, can easily be found on climbing videos and web posts as signs of the admiration by the world climbing community for Ron’s barrier-breaking vision in rock climbing.

Ron’s career as a climber quickly reached international proportions, and he spent several years in Europe exploring its climbing areas and participating in climbing competitions.  His reputation created media opportunities, including roles in the Hollywood productions Cliffhanger and Mission Impossible.   He continues to consider climbing as a way of life that furthers his education and commitment to respecting Yosemite, a place that powerfully evokes the reality of our connection to the natural world.

Yosemite, Ascending Rhythm – Clip #2 from Sterling Johnson on Vimeo.

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